Data-Driven Analysis of Cambodia’s 2020 Property Market

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There are several reports from reputable organizations like Reuters and Knight Frank on Cambodia’s property market outlook in 2020. Each of them is based on proven methodology and official data and statistics. Furthermore, all that is run by experienced analysts and property experts that know how to turn data into something that can be considered both understandable and actionable.

Our report draws from those conclusions and points to the most important facts. The ones that can tell the real story about the Cambodia property market and what to expect in 2020.

Here’s what we got.

Strong economic growth for an uphill trend

Strong economic growth always translates into a resilient and strong property market. That’s unique for all countries, not just Cambodia. The 6.6% GDP growth is expected to also last in 2021 as well.

The residential property market is set for top returns

The demand for residential properties is very strong for two years in a row. Both years oversaw the same economic growth, same loan interest rates, same legislative, and pretty much everything else was aligned.

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If we follow the same logic, 2020 is on track to follow the same pattern and replicate what happened two years in a row. If nothing more, the demand will be high as expected, and the supply will follow as expected. There aren’t any signs of saturation on the market, nor there are any points to anything like that.

Chinese investments increase year by year

Chinese investments have played a pivotal role in the development of the country and its revival. In the last few years, they have been at the forefront of all foreign investments. With the trade war between China and the US in full swing, it is to be expected more and more investments to be bumped from China to Cambodia.

Excellent Investment Law

Foreign investors can take advantage of a tax holiday of 3 years. Furthermore, they can enjoy an additional 3-year exemption period, which depends on factors like invested capital and type of project. That and the fact that Cambodia has one of the healthiest and most resilient property markets in Asia make it the promised land for all foreign investors.

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No Visa Restrictions

Tourist visas are free for the first 30 days and are given when entering the country. Work Visas can be obtained from any travel agency in the country. All you need is proof of employment. Work visas can be issued for three, six, or twelve months.

Also, if someone wants to extend their stay for longer than 30 days, he or she needs to provide proof of income. Again, everything is pretty fast, convenient, and can be completed via any travel agency.

That and the low living costs make Cambodia one of the best places for expatriates. Plus, the US dollar is widely accepted in the same manner as the local currency.

In Conclusion

The best words to describe the Cambodia property market are resilient, steady, growing, and reliable. Cambodia is far from reaching its peak, the property market shows no signs of over-saturation, and the demand is strong. That speaks volumes to any responsible foreign investor that is in pursuit of solid returns.